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We do not only want to provide your gear, we also want to keep you informed with the last news and events

Our Team

SurfAkaw is a team made with the spanish lifeguards who are in the International Surf Lifesaving Elite.

To this team is added a group of professionals in other fields that makes SurfAkaw a big family as well.




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Why Choose Us

SurfAkaw is openes as the First Spanish Online Store for Surf Lifesaving Products, with a wide range of gear as boards, surf ski, finz and heaps more.

Under this name and this brand, its founders have put all their passion to bring to Spain the better quality and price gear. Its own founders have been investigating for years to give you the best performance for your Championships.

SurfAkaw is shown as place where you can buy the best products under a legal and safe frame and in addition gives you information about what is going on in Surf Lifesaving around the World. Approachable and cool as the people that with passion follows and enjoys this sport and who is coming to stay for a long time.

Safety, Reliability, Proximity, Dedication, Passion... what else do you need... and we will give that to you!


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